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Taking notes is at the heart of a student’s job, whether you are reading a text or attending a course.

If you take notes extensively, you will quickly find yourself overloaded with study material which is difficult to process. You will need a lot of time to review your notes and to synthesize them.

Yet, if you take notes using mind mapping, you will start structuring information right on the spot. Not only will you memorize the content more easily, but in the end, you will also save time. You will be able to review your notes more quickly. In addition, as your mind map contains only keywords, it will be quicker to browse through the branches of the tree-like structure.

Of course, taking notes with mind mapping still requires some effort as you need intense concentration to listen, structure and synthetize at the same time. In the end, mind mapping is FUN. For instance, you will enjoy transforming certain concepts into images. So ready to try the mind mapping game ?

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More about the Authors

Madeleine PHILIPPE

Madeleine PHILIPPE is a teacher / trainer in languages (English and French), visual thinking and presentation skills. She has taught and teaches in-company, in adult education and in the academic context. Learning how to learn, Visual thinking and Technologies are at the heart of her approach. She has developed the concept maptelling: Mapping ideas and being able to communicate them (in a foreign language).


Xavier DELENGAIGNE is a trainer and consultant in Personal Knowledge Management. His leitmotiv: organize your mind. He’s an expert in mind mapping, a graphic method to organize your ideas. He has written 16 books, among which, Learning at high speed, i.e. : Apprendre à toute vitesse published by DUNOD a well-established French publisher.


Franco MASUCCI is a trainer and consultant on Visual Management. His area of expertise are digital mapping tools. Creator of the ManagementVisuel.fr blog, the use of software to make ideas and projects visual are part of his daily life.

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